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Our specialised service provides 3 key components a clinic cannot:

1. Accessibility – If you’re unable to drive post-operative or are too immobile to attend a clinic (such as the elderly or those with neurological conditions)

2. Convenience – If you prefer no waiting times or traffic hassles, have children and no baby-sitter, or if your one of the many with busy schedules and limited time

3. Supervised return to sport/gym – Have you progressed with your rehabilitation and now wanting to return to the gym? – we will have our session there. Are you ready to start running with direction changes or kicking a ball? – that’s right, our session will be at the local park to guide you through these critical progressions safely

Aged Care


In Nigeria, approximately 30% of adults over 65 experience one fall per year, and this figure is likely to increase as the population ages (Eke Okoro et al 2014). Falls are very costly, as falls are currently the leading cause of injury-related hospitalisations in people aged 65 and over……

Sports Injuries


It is vital to achieve the appropriate management immediately following your injury in order to promote healing, avoid further damage and promote a safe and quick return to sport……


Golf Injuries

As certified  Medical Professionals we understand the golf swing and can help improve your physical abilities to improve your game and/or remove your pain  ……

Post Surgical Rehab


Post surgery you are always restricted from driving for a period of time.

We make life easy for you and your family by not having to rely on transportation. We come to you to provide any treatment you require which would normally be received in a clinic……



Musculoskeletal Injuries


Musculoskeletal injuries involve any pain or damage to bone, muscles, ligaments or tendons and account for the majority of conditions seen in private physiotherapy clinics……


Neurological Conditions


A key feature that is unique to being a mobile service is accessibility. Our ability to reach neurological patients who have mobility and transportation difficulties has proven to be crucial in assisting our neurological patients improve their condition and quality of life……

Disability Care

 We are experienced in helping those of all ages with a physical and/or intellectual disability.Whether you have a disability, are an elite athlete or 90 years of age our common goal remains – to help you achieve YOUR highest potential……..

Respiratory Conditions


Many people are unaware that physiotherapists treat respiratory conditions. While not every physiotherapist will continue to treat these conditions once graduated, all of our staff enjoy and take great comfort in helping people improve their respiratory status as this is vital to someone’s quality of life……


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