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Do i have joint sprain or strain?
joint sprain or strain

Do i have joint sprain or strain?

The difference between joint sprain or strain is that joint sprain  is the overstretching or tearing of ligaments. Ligaments are the bands of tissue that connect two bones together in a joint. The most common location for a sprain is the Ankle_joint.

A joint strain is the overstretching or tearing of muscles or tendons. Tendons are the dense fibrous cords of tissue that connect bones to muscles. The most common locations for a muscle strain are the hamstring_muscle and the lower back.

The symptoms of a sprain and a strain are very similar. That’s because the injuries themselves are very similar. It’s no wonder the two conditions are frequently confused.

The main difference is that with a sprain you may have bruising around the affected joint, whereas with a strain, you may have spasms in the affected muscle.

Call a physiotherapist at Mobility Physiotherapy Clinic today for appropriate diagnosis and management of sprain or strain.

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